Salvage Inventory

We get an interesting mix of Findins & Fixins at Salvage & Such,
so as of now we just maintain a running list of those items.

Please inquire with any questions, for a salvage tour or
to purchase: Cheers!

{ an asterisk refers to any items more suitable for upcycling
and may not be recommended for the initial intended use }


*Old Wooden Windows – great for hotboxes, outdoor sheds, clubhouses, interior decorating

New Residential Windows & Full Light Doors

Solid Core & Hollow Core Doors (many with original framing)

Old Screen Doors – great for interior/exterior deocrating

Small Stainless Steel Sink

Residential Stainless Double Sink

Bathroom Sinks

*Old Furniture Pieces

*La Veta Hotel Bannister Pieces – great for table bases

Lots of Recycled Redwood

White Picket Fencing – in great condition, good for small yard, garden partition, play yard, small animal pen

Shelving & Retail Displays

Wood Floor Remnants (pre-finished & raw)

*Vintage Mirror – very cool!

*Chairs – need to be funked! vintage lines and worth the effort!


*Rebar – sculpture anyone?

Miscellaneous Hardware, Lumber & Fixtures

Large Propane Water Heater – Like New!





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